Entrepreneurship Training Camp of Newhuadu Business School (Beijing) Holds Grand Closing Ceremony at Morgan Plaza

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Entrepreneurship Training Camp of Newhuadu Business School (Beijing) Holds Grand Closing Ceremony at Morgan Plaza

August 17 afternoon – A successful closing ceremony was held for the one-month Public Interest Entrepreneurship Training Camp under MBA Program of Newhuadu Business School. Participants of the Closing Ceremony includes Dr. Guo Haihao, the Vice President of Newhuadu Business School, Ms. Lang Chunhui, Partner of Innovation Workplace, Dr. Zhao Xiangyang, the Visited Researcher of Newhuadu Business School and nearly 80 entrepreneurship students.

At the closing ceremony, seven students from seven groups gave excellent PPT presentation for the entrepreneurship projects put or to be put into production. The presented projects include clinical medicine transformation project, air purification project as well as security and mobile Internet projects. During defending, they answered questions from Mr. Zhao Xiangyang and Ms. Lang Chunhui about the presentations and potential problems during the entrepreneurship. Then, the students present raised questions about the 7 entrepreneurship projects and provided some suggestions to the same, which significantly inspired all students present.

About the entrepreneurship projects presentations of the students, Ms. Lang Chunhui said, “They showed that MBA development has been transformed from the written material to practice. Newhuadu Business School holds the camp not only as a platform of courses for multi-module knowledge but as a platform of entrepreneurship for the entrepreneurs to share information and create more value.

Ms. Lang Chunhui, MBA in Entrepreneurship Instructor and Innovation Workplace Partner of Newhuadu Business School

Mr. Zhao Xiangyang said that the defense judges had questioned with a picky manner and from the perspective of investors. He said that the students are very passionate, enthusiastic and optimistic about entrepreneurship, which is a very important property for businesses. He also hoped that the students could constantly improve skills of road show through later systematic study and rigorously examine entrepreneurship projects by the systematic knowledge provided by the instructors.

During presentation of the students, the group of judges adopted WeChat Online Voting Platform for all the students and judges to select the best projects. Finally, by summarizing results of WeChat voting and selection of the instructors, the group of judges selected Air Vitamin Project of Ms. Liu Xiuting, Clinical Medicine Transformation Project of Mr. Ge Tao, Douying Project of Ms. Shi Yi and MBA Cloud Terminal Project of Zhang Liwei as the best entrepreneurship projects.

Dr. Guo Haihao, Vice President of Newhuadu Business School, gives closing speech

Dr. Guo Haihao, the Vice President, presented awards to the four Excellent Entrepreneurship Students. He said that the College will provide certain scholarship to excellent partners to study MBA in Entrepreneurship Program. Mr. Guo said, “This Entrepreneurship Camp is a try of Newhuadu Business School to gather ambitious young people with entrepreneurial dreams and set an entrepreneurship platform for sharing of dry contents and resources interfacing. Meanwhile, he expressed wish that all students be successful in their future entrepreneurship

Judges of Newhuadu Business School present awards to the four winners of the Best Entrepreneurship Projects

Finally, the judges presented Diplomas of the Entrepreneurship Training Camp of Newhuadu Business School

Mr. Zhang Lin and Ms. He Shan, as the reporters of mbaedu.cn, the media sponsor the Event, covered the ceremony and held interview with the students. Though the Program had only three modules and a short period of one month, many students expressed that they have achieved great success.

Mr. Liu Xiuting, the presenter of Air Vitamin Project, said, “At the training camp, I received many excellent suggestions from the instructors and also many feedbacks from the fellow students. Now, I can review a project from an overview perspective rather than just work hard. It will be very helpful to my future investment.”

Mr. Ge Tao, the presenter of the Clinical Medicine Transformation Project, said, “I think that a project shall benefit the society. We live in an environment with very uneven information. This chance may strike many sparks of inspiration for the entrepreneurs.”

Hui Yong, the post-80s presenter of “Perhaps Love” customizing service project, said, “I am a newcomer of entrepreneurship. Before participating in the Camp, I had basically led an irregular business. However, through the study on module system, I have developed more complete and systematic understanding on business pattern, laws, tax, etc. Meanwhile, other campers have also inspired and helped me a lot.”

Group photo of Public Interest Entrepreneurship Training Camp of Newhuadu Business School (Beijing)

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