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Chen Chunhua

Professor, NBS Associate Dean of NBS , Director of MBA in Entrepreneurship.

Man should have a dream to be able to really resolve the problems with China and to prepare to have the sense of mission and responsibility and have the pursuit and ideal. I am much ready to realize this dream with you. This is also my desire to undertake the business education.

Biographical details
Associate Dean, Professor and Program Director of MBA in Entrepreneurship at NBS and the renowned expert of corporate culture and strategyin China. Additionally, she holds the concurrent post as the decisionconsulting expert of Guangzhou Municipal Government, Vice President of Guangdong Association of Young Scientists, and part-time professor of NUS School of Management.Prof. Chen is a renowned scholar with rich practical experiences in business management and used to act as President of Shandong Liuhe Group andAssociate Editor-in-Chief of PKU Business Review. She has published more than 20 monographs and teaching materials and more than 100 papers on the core journals. Her representative academic work, C-Theory is honored by the Chinese industrial leaders as “Built to Last” of China.

Education and experience
B.E., Radio Technology, South China University of Technology
MBA, National University of Singapore
DBA, Overseas Department, European University of Ireland
Post-doctor, corporate management, Business School of Nanjing University

Main research areas
Organizational behavior and corporate culture management, growth mode of Chinese local companies

Teaching field
Cross-culture management, strategic management and organizational behavior.

Published works
From Concept to Practice: Enterprise Culture Management, China Machine Press 2011
Common Sense of Management, China Machine Press 2010
Action of Winter, China Machine Press 2009
Next Opportunity for Chinese Companies, China Machine Press 2008
Surpass Competition, China Machine Press 2007
The 10 Analyses of Chinese Management, Renmin University of China Press 2006
Regression to the Basic, China Machine Press 2006
C-Theory, CITIC Publishing House 2004
Fighting for Value Chain, CITIC Publishing House 2004
Studies of Research Team Management, Science Press, 2004
Model on Corporate Culture, SCUT Press 2001.

Academic achievement

3rd Best Mentor Award of SCUT 2011
2nd Best Mentor Award of SCUT 2010
“Organizational Behavior” (Teaching Material), winning the 3rd Prize of SCUT Excellent Teaching Materials in 2010.
3rd Prize of the First Excellent Research Work Award for Humanities and Social Sciences of Universities of Ministry of Education in 2009
1st Best Mntor Award of SCUT 2009
China Best Local Business Work Award 2007
3rd Prize of the 4t Exelent Work Award of Humanities and Social Science of Ministry of Education in 2006
1st Prize of Central South Excellent Teaching Materials Award in 2005
China Top 10 Management Books 2004

Scholarly articles

Chen Chunhua, What Kind of Management Studies are Currently Required, Journal of Management, 2010 (11

Chen Chunhua, Next Opportunity for Chinese Companies, Journal of Management, 2010 (7)

Chen Chunhua, On Necessary Conditions for Formation of Chinese-type Management, Journal of Management,2010 (1)

Chen Chunhua, Thinking of Effective Growth of Chinese Economy, Xinhua Digest,2008 (22)

Chen Chunhua, Thinking of Mentor’s Role—An Analysis on Value of Management Lecture, Academic Degree and Graduate Education, 2006 (12)

Chen Chunhua, Establish a Correct Concept of Management, Sino-Foreign Management, 2006 (5)

Chen Chunhua. How Industrial Pioneer takes the lead? Xinhua Digest, 2004 (22)

Chen Chunhua and Liu Xiaoying. Cultural Concept Model of New Enterprises in Zhujiang River Delta, Science of Science and Management of Science and Technology,2008 (11)

Chen Chunhua and Li Jiefang. Conception, Role Relationship and Future Research Prospect of Distributed Leadership, Foreign Economics and Management, 2008 (8)

Chen Chunhua and Yuan Xiaoting. A Study on Expression and Influence of Cultural Capital in Economic Growth, Studies on Science of Science, 2006 (11)

Chen Chunhua and Ma Mingfeng. Trust and Control within Organization: A Theoretical Model, Nankai Business Review, 2006 (2).


Teaching Materials (edited)
Corporate Culture, China Machine Press 2010
Organizational Behavior , China Machine Press 2009
Management of Brand Strategy, SCUT Press 2007
Administrative and Organizational Culture of China, SCUT Press 2005
Management Communication, SCUT Press 2005 (Teaching Material under National “11th Five-year” Planning)
Management of Corporate Culture, SCUT Press 2001
“21st Century Public Administration and Administrative Management Teaching Materials”. (in 9 volumes)
Collections of Essays
Now Let’s Set Out, China Machine Press 2011
Doing, China Machine Press 2010
Lighting, China Machine Press 2008
Hold Water Moon in Hands, SCUT Press 2005.

  • Chen Chunhua
      Chen ChunhuaProfessor, NBS Associate Dean of NBS , Director of MBA in Entrepreneurship
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