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  • He Zhiyi: On Innovation
    He Zhiyi: On Innovation
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He Zhiyi

Professor, NBS Chairman, Council of NBS

Cultural innovation and institutional innovation are most fundamental. For instance, in the reform and opening of China, other innovations would not be generated without changes in ideological concept and social basic institution

Biographical details

Prof. He Zhiyi undertakes research in strategic management, marketing, corporate culture, Chinese business civilization and corporate social responsibilities and has by now published four monographs, and three translated works, edited more than twenty works and case collections, and published more than twenty academic papers in academic journals at home and abroad. He provides the Organization Department of CPC Central Committee, State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Committee, National University of Defense Technology and other military colleges and universities with case teaching and case compiling service and has undertaken the project consulting and corporate training for numerous large-scale enterprises. Additionally, Prof. He Zhiyi also acts as Vice President and Secretary-general of China Association of National Economic Management and Director of International Federation of Scholarly Associations of Management (IFSAM). He has rich practical experiences, by previously holding the post as the governmental official, general manager of state-owned enterprises and chairman of joint-stock enterprises and private enterprises.

Education and experience
Ph.D., School of Management, Fudan University
Post-doctor, Guanghua School of Management, Peking University

Main research areas
Strategic management, marketing, corporate social responsibility and succession of family business

Teaching field
Marketing strategy, marketing, corporate social responsibility and succession of family business

Scholarly articles

Development Status of Green Marketing and Development Approach of Chinese Green Marketing
A Study on Lifestyle Features of Green Consumers
A Study on Case Teaching Status of Business Administration in China
Research on Product Interest Preference of Chinese Consumers–Exploratory Research based on Durable Consumer Goods
Effects of Asymmetric Features of Product Information on Brand Strategies
Understanding the structure of China’s Consumer Electronics Markets: An Empirical Investigation of its Consumer Segments
Regional Branding Strategy in China: Competitive Reference and First Mover Advantages
Empirical Research on Preference of Chinese Consumers for Chinese and Foreign Brands and Key Influencing Factors

Published works

1. Beida Case Study

2. Correspondences of Management

3. Classic Cases of Chinese and Foreign Enterprise Management

4. Principles of Marketing—An Asian Perspective

5. Marketing: An Instruction

6. Marketing Metrics

7. Doctrine and Art of Management

8. Grow, Breakthrough and Surpass

9. China Management Innovation

10. Marketing (7th Edition)

11. Selected Cases of Peking University

12. China Corporate Social Responsibility Development Report (2008-2009)

13. Experiment of Fangbei Village

14. 10 Cases on the Transnational M&A of Chinese Enterprises

15. The Best Business Cases in China

16. Principles of Marketing –An Asian Perspective, 2nd Edition

17. Chinese Rhyme of Management

  • He Zhiyi
      He ZhiyiChairman, New Huadu Business School
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