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Due to the differences of social culture, the mechanism of market economy and the concept and awareness in different nations and regions are different from one another, in this way, different patterns are produced, with both outcomes and lapses. The development of economic globalization has provided all the patterns with challenges of different levels. The reflect of the pattern already used and the successful experiences of the patterns used by other nations and regions have become an inevitable subject in the development of all kinds of economic patterns.
In the second decade of 21st century, the world has stepped into “post-crisis times”, and China starts to stand firm in the second position of global economies. In the critical stage of economic development of China, the importance of choosing an economic system and capital market development road that is suitable for China’s national conditions is self-evident.
It is under the background like this when, based on the years of research of the relation between social development and capitalist economic system from constitutional, institutional, legal and cultural aspects by Professor Edmund Phelps, the winner of the Nobel Economics Prize, our attention is paid to the subject, the comparative study of market economy in China, US and Germany, in order to distinguish the different features of the development patterns in current typical market economy, to find out parallelism and to explore the development roads of economic system and capital market with distinct Chinese characteristics through the comparative study of the market economies of China, US and Germany.
The research subject is also a significant part of the series researches themed by “Transforming China for Innovation” launched by New Huadu Institute of Economics and Management cooperating with such first class research institutions at home and abroad as Research Center on Capitalism and Society in Columbia University and Peking University, etc. The program of the subject is to make comparisons among the market economies of US, China and Germany, the top three successful economies all over the world, from four levels, namely, social mechanism, legal system, culture and social management, and to dedicate to the provision of the theoretical definition of “socialism with distinct Chinese characteristics” on international academic level with the application of international economic language.
The subject will start from the beginning of 2011. It is expected that in two years, 4-5 dissertations will be finished and around 8 high-end academic forums will be held in China and in other regions around the world.

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