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  • He Zhiyi: On Innovation
    He Zhiyi: On Innovation
  • China Energy Economics and Low-carbon Development Institute
    China Energy Economics and Low-carbon Development Institute
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Research on Comparison of Market Economy in China, America and Germany

Due to the differences of social culture, the mechanism of market economy and the concept and awareness in different nations and regions are different from one another, in this way, different patterns are produced, with both outcomes and lapses. The development of economic globalization has provided all the patterns with challenges of different levels. The […]

Research on Succession and Sustainable Development of Family Business

Large numbers of private entrepreneurs in China are confronted with problems of successions, and large numbers of the second generation of the entrepreneurs (including the third, forth, fifth and Nth generation, hereinafter referred as the second generation), are faced with the challenges of making progress and becoming successors in the financial freedom, placing a distinguished […]

Research on Global Innovation Capacity Index

At present, the global industrialization process is completing and the information times are about to come, so that creativity, especially the national creativity featured by nations, is the focus of attention of all the nations around the world.In addition to such traditional creation index as significance of research and development in GDP and patents amount, […]

Research on Energy Economy and Low-carbon Projects

With the development of economic globalization, the world influential carbon emission issue and the environmental problems resulted from the issue are becoming the focus of people’s attention. Due to the global impact of carbon emission, it is thought that the carbon emission reduction of all the nations around the world will have an impact on […]

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