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Thomas Lam

Professor, NBS Chairman, Council of NBS

Cultural innovation and institutional innovation are most fundamental. For instance, in the reform and opening of China, other innovations would not be generated without changes in ideological concept and social basic institution

Biographical details

Mr. Thomas Lam is Professor of Management Practice at NBS. He is influenced by Chinese and Western culture and has accumulated rich experiences in top management over the years. Mr. Thomas Lam took the post of General Manager of DEC China in 1995. Upon merging of DEC/Compaq), he took the post of Deputy General Manager of Compaq China, in full charge of its overall marketing strategy and operation. During the 13 years of serving at DEC, Mr. Thomas Lam was successively in the important posts of sales, marketing, and overall operation management. Mr. Thomas Lam joined Cisco China in 1998, in full charge of the businesses in China except the service suppliers. During the period, he not only over-fulfilled the revenue target, but also successively developed the financial business into an independent area of business. On May 1, 2002, he was promoted to the post of Vice President of Cisco Systems to lead the Asia-Pacific Customer Service Division and Cisco System and take full charge of customer services and technical support. Under his leadership, the customer services of Cisco were greatly promoted in Asia-Pacific region. In November 2005, Mr. Thomas Lam took the post of President of Cisco Systems (China) Networking Technology Co., Ltd, in charge of sales, marketing and overall operation management and with full responsibility for the business of Cisco in China. Mr. Thomas Lam retired in July 2010. Over the years, he has always taken the responsibility to promote the important philosophy for the development of information industry and has been praised in China accordingly.

Education and experience
Bachelor, Carleton University,

  • Thomas Lam
      Thomas LamProfessor of Management Practice, NBS Former Vice President (Global) of Cisco and Former President of Cisco (China)
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