• He Zhiyi: On Innovation
    He Zhiyi: On Innovation
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    China Energy Economics and Low-carbon Development Institute
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He Zhiyi: On Innovation

According to historical records, Chengtang, the founding emperor of the Shang Dynasty carved an aphorism on his bathtub: “If you make one improvement one day, then you should make improvement every day, and never stop.” Each time Chengtang has the bath, he would remind himself of considering the issue of how to make “improvement”. It […]

Chen Chunhua: Rediscovering the Power for Development

Development of economy is a cultural process. Short-term economic behavior can be explained with economic logistics; for long-term economic behavior, it must be explained with cultural logistics, so it is with an individual or an enterprise. This is also the reason why special attention needs to be paid to ideologies; culture is decisive in the […]

Bestseller: Market Understanding of Bestseller

The Chinese market seems to be very nice, but actually it is not a cake that everyone can enjoy easily. Many companies and brands spreading rapidly overseas have suffered a tragedy of leaving the market gloomily due to failure to fit into the local conditions. The major reason is that they could hardly have a […]

Tecsun Homes: Drive Growth with “Nobility”

As for the employees of a construction company located in Suzhou, they are working in a busy but orderly way in most of the days all year round. Every day, at 6:30 a.m. every day, the administrative staff will start cleaning at the community of the company known as “Portland Town”. In addition to cleaning […]

Fujian Merchants’ Five Waves of Pioneering

Innovation has been the foundation for the survival and development of the Chinese nation over the last five thousand years. In addition to the four famous major inventions, the system of prefectures and counties, imperial examination system, ceramics and silk have also been major innovation. Under the conditions of current market economy, entrepreneurship is an […]

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