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Newhuadu Business School (Switzerland) is funded by New Huadu Charity Foundation. From the moment when it was established, Newhuadu Business School has had the grand vision: To become a world-class business school with Chinese implication. Based on this vision, international programs are designed under the guideline of combining class lectures with study tours, and integrating advanced western education philosophy into China’s management education. The aims of international programs are to cultivate management talents who bear global vision, have great insight into the international business (…see more…)

Newhuadu Business School (Switzerland) provides both degree education and training programs for individuals and enterprises.

  • Degree educations: Global Executive MBA (GEMBA), International MBA (MBA).
  • Training cours: Customized Swiss Training (CST), Corporation Education, Chinese Language Training.

GMBA program with be taught in Switzerland while CST program and MBA will be taught in China. Corporation Education teaching involves both China and Switzerland.


MBA program integrates the western management education modes into specific Chinese business environment, traditional culture and the ecological situation for corporate …


Customized Swiss Training (CST) makes best of the advantages of New Huadu Business School (Switzerland) to offer the customized training for companies and individuals …


The Global Executive MBA is a 24-month, dynamic program designed to provide participants with a global view of business with focus on Chinese business philosophy…


The corporate education offers a series of tailor-made incorporate training programs which provides tools and training to improve business operation and performance…

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