• Chairman of Lvmama, Hong Qinghua: Differential Strategy as the Base for Success

    Chairman of Lvmama, Hong Qinghua: Differential Strategy as the Base for Success

    Upon graduation with a Masters degree 12 years ago, Chairman of Lvmama Hong Qinghua entered the industry of tourism and founded several companies. In 2008, he established in Shanghai the online tourism website Lvmama to provide the donkey friends with products of entrance tickets for attractions, res…

  • Two and a Half Days in the world of TECHMARK

    Two and a Half Days in the world of TECHMARK

    Released on: August 31, 2012 Cao Zihua, Trainee of First Session for MBA in Entrepreneurship The TechMark Management Combat Simulation Course founded by Babson School of Business was the first compulsory class of MBA in Entrepreneurship at NBS, which is important for us all. Everyone wanted to perfor…

  • Zhang Zhiquan: Carbon Energy invited to participate in 2012 China International Industry Fair

    Zhang Zhiquan: Carbon Energy invited to participate in 2012 China International Industry Fair

    China International Industry Fair was held at Shanghai New International Expo Center from November 6 to 10, 2012. During the annual grand gathering, Chinese and foreign major factory control manufacturers, agents and service provides exhibited advanced products and technologies regarding the industri…

  • Impression of Development Activities at Longqingxia

    Impression of Development Activities at Longqingxia

    Released on: August 31, 2012 Yang Jiong, Trainee of First Session for MBA in Entrepreneurship The Eagle Goose Team of 36 pre-school students for MBA in Entrepreneurship of NBS ended the two-day development activity while enjoying the scenery at Longqingxia. What we have benefited most from the activi…


New Huadu Business School (NBS) is a public institution of higher education established with contribution from New Huadu Foundation. NBS has been listed as one of the pilot organizations of comprehensive reform for the implementation program of the Outline of National Mid and Long-term Plan for Education Reform and Development. With the vision to “become a world-class business school with Chinese implication”, NBS cultivates the young Chinese for innovation ability and entrepreneurial spirit and provides the Chinese economy with motive power. For its undergraduate program, NBS sets up General Administration Office, Department of Accounting and Finance, Student Service Office, Recruitment and Employment Office, International Cooperation Office, Financial Office and Basic Construction Office.

The undergraduate offers two majors: finance and accounting, currently with 203 students at school. Major courses include macro economics, micro economics, principles of management science, strategic management, principles of accounting, applied statistics, marketing, finance, financial accounting, financial management, monetary banking, investment principles, international finance, financial market and institutions, fixed income security analysis, derivative instrument, risk management and insurance, management accounting, management information system, auditing, cost accounting, accounting information system, tax law, commercial law, etc.

The School is listed by the Provincial Education Department as a “Pilot Organization for Comprehensive Education Reform” of Fujian Province and takes it as a keynote of teaching to promote the level undergraduate. Its teaching is characterized for curriculum setup, bilingual teaching, “3+1” training with 985 universities at home or “3.5+0.5” training with overseas (including Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan) universities. By organizing the lectures of celebrities, arranging industrial visits and joining the international platform, the School tries to broaden the vision of students and promote the international teaching and learning.

Unprecedentedly in the education history of China, the School engages Winner of 2006 Nobel Prize in Economics and Director of Center on Capitalism and Society of Columbia University Prof. Edmund S. Phelps as its dean in full charge of its strategic management, teaching and research, and international cooperation. The School introduces the teaching paradigm of Europe and America and Asian developed countries and regions (Taiwan, Japan, Singapore and Hong) and engages Dean of Financial Department of National Chengchi University Prof. Anthony H. Tu to take charge of the department construction and development and comprehensively advance the innovation and internationalization of undergraduate education. Currently, Department of Accounting and Finance has 12 full-time teachers, including 5 professors and 6 associate professors. With most of the full-time teachers having the background of overseas study or training, the faculty is an internationalized team with condensed teachers’ virtue, and teaching and research capacity and full of teamwork spirit and vigor and vitality. For the purpose of “bilingual teaching”, the department and office engages 5 foreign teachers for English education of undergraduate students.

Fuzhou Campus located inside Minjiang University was founded in June 2010. NBS plans to build a campus with a total land area of about 5.8 hectares and a total floorage of 2,7490m2. The campus is designed with the atmosphere of modern business education, Chinese style and multiple functions of teaching, office and research.

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